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We provide all of our music video clients with a completely bespoke package to ensure that their specific vision is brought to life. Everything from the directing, filming, editing and colour grading is tailor made to suit each individual project.

Our music video production packages can cover everything from performance, narrative, visual effects, lighting hire, PA hire and storyboard development.

                                                                    MUSIC VIDEO PRICING

Our music video packages are designed to suit a broad range of budgets allowing us to provide you with an epic, high quality, professional product whatever level your band is at! Whether you want a simple but hard-hitting, dynamic performance only video or an "all bells and whistles" performance + narrative + visual effects infused cinematic masterpiece, we've got you covered!


As well as all the optional extras we offer, our prices vary depending on the level of performance editing you want. For this we have  'OPTION 1' and 'OPTION 2' packages. OPTION 1 is designed for bands who want a high quality, fast turnaround product at minimal cost. OPTION 2 is at a higher cost for maximum attention to detail in producing the most dynamic and polished looking performance footage possible to really give your music video the edge in captivating your audience.

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